3 Reasons Why SEO Firms Cannot Guarantee Search Engine Rankings

SEO Rankings
SEO Rankings

As the old adage goes that nothing in this life comes with a guarantee so the business promises are not going to differ as well.  When you look at the trend of late 2000, you will come across a trend in the SEO not meeting its goals resulting in a lot of skepticism within the industry. Even though many of these companies are going to entice you to sign up with them, the best advice you can get for now is to stay away from those businesses mentioning guaranteed search engine rankings, which is no more than an illusion. What are the reasons for companies not to offer a  guarantee when it comes to ranking in the search engine? The following points will highlight.

Volatile SEO results

When you search for a keyword in your local place, you will come across a particular company or the website that is in the number one position. However, differences may occur depending on the location. If you visit another location at a distance of about thirty miles, changes are going to occur. Similarly, if you conduct the same search from your mobile phone, you may view different results, so what may have appeared number one in your desktop might be in the number three position on the mobile device or it may alter as well. You can also come across different search results based on your personal search history, so what you get may differ from what your friends get in their devices.

Refreshing the search results also shows alteration. All this is normal as search results are going to be volatile. The search engine often changes the search results to check the listings and the companies that are best suited to be in the first four positions. The point that this fact reveals is that there is nothing as number one ranking when it comes to search engine optimization. Although you can stay ahead of your competitor to get the number one ranking, it cannot be guaranteed in any manner. Not only are the results volatile, but it is deliberately implemented by the search engines to test the result positions and to improve the results.

Learning the lessons

When you learn lessons from the past, you can avoid costly mistakes in the future. As a matter of fact, a short history of the SEO and the internet also proves how the results of the search engine can never be guaranteed. A good search engine optimization company is never going to make false promises with better or more traffic as these tactics have failed in the past. Several companies are going to tell you their methods assuming that you are less knowledgeable and have no ideas of the terms to be used. If you are planning to hire the services of a company and have no intention to be fooled into believing their promises, you have to look into the search engine as it has grown from its past schemes to develop algorithms and rules to protect the consumers.

When you dive into the past lessons, you will quickly discover how the search marketing has been developed to warn the consumers that no company can provide the guarantee for the number one search result and tell them that the good sites are going to get good ranking. On the other hand, the poor sites are going to stay behind as far as the ranking is concerned. A company that promises to make you number one may not have done adequate homework, so you have to do it to optimize the website in the real sense.

Know the goal of SEO

The success of SEO depends on the amount of traffic you get and is not related to page rank. With a surge in the traffic, your business is going to boost. The number one rank does not guarantee profitability in business. Apart from this, the solutions or the remedies you seek in a jiffy are never going to help you in the long run. For instance, an increase in keywords, H1 tags and the other tactics of optimization in exceeded amount is a red flag for the algorithms of Google and you surely do not want to be penalized for your mistakes. Make sure the search engine optimization servicesyou hire provide you with a traffic plan that is going to stay functional in the long run and runs according to the guidelines of Google.

Summing up

When you look forward to an SEO company, different factors can shape your results. If the company promises to offer results on the same day, you must think about the possibilities and the longevity of the promise. Usually, the business deals are surrounded by guarantee, but the results from the past allow the consumers to understand how companies can promote better SEO practices that are not only ethical but helps the online entities to reach their business goals.

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