6 business ideas for small business to get desired result

Small business is an affordable form of commercial activity. You should choose an idea for a business that has skills or certain resources. This will allow the use of existing premises, real estate, knowledge and qualifications as the basis of the future business.

You can bring 6 business ideas for small businesses that can be easily implemented with minimal cost.

Business idea number 1: legal services

The demand for legal services is very high. This is due to the constant changes in legislation, the complication of legal relations between citizens and legal entities. If you have a law degree and some experience, then opening your own legal advice is the best option. This idea has several undeniable advantages:

There is no need to get a lawyer status. It is possible even to do without registration of the IP at the first stage. To represent the interests of the client in court, you need only a power of attorney. Therefore, the idea is easy to implement;
investments are only in the rental of premises and the purchase of computer equipment. And if it is available, it will be possible to get by with just renting a small office;
A lawyer can provide a wide range of services. These are consultations, representation of the principal’s interests in court, as well as drafting of documents.

The flow of customers will be great since services are required in various fields of legal relations. This is debt collection, maintenance obligations, property division, labor disputes and so on.

Business idea number 2

The active development of domestic tourism, state support of tour operators who develop such areas, create greater demand for these products. At the same time, it is not necessary to live in a city with high tourist potential.

It is possible to make souvenirs anywhere, and it can be sold via the Internet. After some time, it will be possible to establish cooperation with the souvenir shops of tourist cities and supply them with their products.

Production of souvenirs by using special machines. They are quite expensive and cost from 500 000 p. up to one million. However, these investments will pay off quickly. After all, goods are in great demand.

Business idea number 3: mini-laundry

In any city, there are hotels, cafes, and restaurants. Through these objects passes a large number of visitors. And there is always the problem of washing linen, curtains, tablecloths, and similar items.

As a rule, these facilities do not have their own laundries and use the services of third-party companies. Therefore, creating your own laundry seems very promising.

The advantages of this business are that at attractive prices and quality services, the mini-laundry will receive all the clients of the area.
Among the investments should indicate the rental of premises, the purchase of washing machines, ironers, and other equipment. In general, the costs will be about 1,000 dollars. Plus, the fact that the equipment can be purchased on credit or leasing. All large companies have such offers. You can even order a turnkey laundry.
Important!!! The work of the laundry is carried out at the registration of the person as the PI But you can avoid such registration at the initial stage. Accordingly, you do not need to pay taxes, make contributions to the pension fund and the social insurance fund. The fine for doing business does not exceed 150 dollars.

Business idea number 4: Online blog

Another business idea is an online website/blog or store. Create one or hire someone to create it then write articles create backlinks to rank it. Use this tool plagiarism remover to build 2.0 backlinks so you can rank your site. There are other methods too to create links you can try.
If you are comfortable with YouTube channel then it’s better than blogs because you don’t need to do SEO work

Business idea number 4: hotel business

To open such a business from scratch is very expensive. But this idea becomes feasible if you have your own land, a private house or apartment.
Residential objects can be registered at one of the hotel resources on the Internet. In addition, popular promotion sites for long-term real estate or daily rentals will be an effective promotion. If there is a land plot within the city, then a mini-hotel can be built. In order to save, you can use the most budget option of construction.
The hotel building is being built on the basis of wooden beams, which serve as supporting structures. The perimeter is sheathed with plate insulation and unedged board. The metal profile is used for the roof. As a result, the construction of 100 000 m2 will cost 7000 dollars. Its furniture, communications and other expenses will be about 1,000 dollars.

Business idea number 5: agriculture

The most accessible areas of activity are poultry farming and growing vegetables in greenhouses. These ideas do not require large investments in the implementation. At the same time, poultry meat or fresh farm vegetables have always been and will be in demand.
The modern trend is precisely in the purchase of farm products. Therefore, there are all large small markets, shops with local products.

Start your own business and develop it, you can with investments in the range of about 50 00 dollars. After all, greenhouses can be made from scrap materials. For keeping birds or rabbits, you will need cages. You can also make them yourself.

Business idea number 6: the provision of domestic services

Small repair of clothes, repair of shoes, furniture, is in great demand. Therefore, customer availability is guaranteed. It is recommended to start immediately with several services. It is best to offer customers shoe repair and clothing service. Perform one of the types of work, you can independently, and for the second you need to hire an assistant.

Among the additions, you need to specify the cost of renting the room, the purchase of simple equipment and a sewing machine. The initial opening phase will cost around 200,00 dollars.


When implementing these business ideas, you need to use your own resources, to extract the maximum benefit from them. If you do not have the necessary skills, you should collect and study information about a particular business. And already well prepared, you can get down to business. Then it will be really profitable and promising.

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