6 Stupendous Tools To Create 3D Video Animations In High-Quality

As we are moving towards the advanced level of technology the world of video animation is also drifting swiftly towards the use of advanced animation techniques and bringing more progressive methods into use to excel the user experience of the video animations.

6 Stupendous Tools to Create 3D Video Animations in High-Quality
6 Stupendous Tools to Create 3D Video Animations in High-Quality

3D Animation vs. 2D Animation

The journey of video animation that was started from the 2D video animation reached a new level when 3D video animation came into being, and as we can see that now 3D animations have suppressed the use of 2D video animations. It can’t be said that 2D video animation will be removed entirely from the screens one day, but it is believed that with the coming era, we will see less of the 2D animated videos and more of the 3D animated videos.

Use of 3D Video Animations

In most of the industries, whether it is an animation web video companies or any other animation related company, the use of 3D animation technique is more frequent than the use of the 2D video animations. There are many several types of video animations like explainer videos or motion graphics videos that are constructed in 3D animation format; even the kinetic typography utilizes the techniques of the 3D animation to give a three-dimensional look.

Many companies that want a perfect animation for their websites hire the animation web video companies to get the eye-catching 3D video animations to impress their visitors. The truth is not negligible that the 3D animations have indeed achieved a level to grasp the viewer’s attention more easily as compared to the 2D video animation.

Tools to Create 3D Video Animations

It is true that behind every successful 3D video animations there is a lot of hard work of the video animators, but even with the skills the animators wouldn’t have done much if they were not provided with the appropriate platform to create the perfect video animations.

Here are six of the amazing tools that are used in most of the video animation company to create the best 3D video animations.


1. Autodesk 3D Maya


3D Maya is an extremely professional tool used by the expert 3D video animators to create all kinds of 3D animations and 3D models. It is used in professional video animation companies to create 3D animated movies, 3d games, and also 3D rendered architectures.

It also provides a virtual space for the 3D animators to create or implement any project in the virtual reality. Other than all the amazing features to create 3D animations and objects, it also offers various formats to save the file that has been created.

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 and Later


2. Autodesk 3Ds Max


3Ds Max is also one of the best platform catered by Autodesk for the animators who wish to create the 3D video animations like a pro. It is more user-friendly than 3D Maya and is very handy for the beginner animators to learn and start their work. Although it is user-friendly but we cannot say that this software is any less than other professional 3D animation tools. It is an extremely professional tool that is used by many professional companies to create 3D films, games, models, images, and architectures.

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 and Later


3. Cinema 4D


Cinema 4D is used by the professionals to create 3D video animations, 3D models, 3D rendering animations, and also for the creation of the 3D motion graphics video.

OS: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Amiga OS


4. Blender


Blender is an open-source, professional 3D modeling software that is used by many professional 3D video animators to create the animated movies, visual effects, art, video games and so much more in the entire 3D environment.

OS: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux


5. Autodesk MotionBuilder


Autodesk MotionBuilder is the perfect platform for the video animators to for virtual production of the 3D animated videos, motion capture, and traditional keyframe animation. It is mostly used in film production, creating games, television production, or creating multimedia projects.

OS: Microsoft Windows, Linux


6. LightWave 3D


LightWave 3D offers the best 3D environment for the video animators to create the 3D rendering images, which could be both static and animated. The entire 3D modeling can be done smoothly using this software.

OS: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Amiga OS

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