Benefits of Xamarin app development for a Business?

Xamarin App Development

Are you a start-up company or a big multinational enterprise looking forward to jumping into the bandwagon of the mobile application development? After all, who doesn’t want to streamline their customer outreach, maximize your return on investment, and improve business agility? The only way to do that is to build a mobile application with the use of Xamarin framework.

In this article, we shall be exploring more about Xamarin framework, benefits of Xamarin app development, and some of the key products that made it a great choice for businesses across different industry verticals.

By now, you must all be well aware of the fact that Xamarin is a software company which is owned by Microsoft to collaborate with Visual Studio Environment. Since its acquisition by Microsoft, the mobile app development with the use of Xamarin tool gained new heights of popularity in the domain of cross-platform application development. As per the estimates, it has been projected that near about 1.6 million developers across 120 countries and this is the reason why Xamarin tool is considered to be the next-generation technology in the mobile application development domain.

It may be it just another framework like Native and Hybrid that makes use of the C# to seamlessly develop applications. However, it is a boon to many developers out there. Indeed, Xamarin has improved hybrid and cross-platform development to a great extent and definitely is effective in connecting all the platforms (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows) into a single mobile application with the use of the single code.

Before we try to explore the benefits of Xamarin app development and its products, first try to understand what is this framework all about.

Xamarin: What is it?

Xamarin is basically a tool that works on .NET and C# to create real native Android and iOS apps with the same set of functionalities. It makes use of both the Common Language Specification (CLS) and Common Language Infrastructure (CLI).

xamarin vs native

A shared code base is used to ensure smooth coalescing different platforms with one single app. For development purposes, Xamarin assigns the C# code base. With the right application of the same code base, developers can effectively create applications for native Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac platforms and allocate them across numerous platforms.

Xamarin: Why is it significant?

It is definitely a very good question. Let’s say you wish to build and come up with a native android app. What if it becomes a big sensation among the end-users in the app market within a span of time? After this, what would you like to do next? Would you think about targeting the OS platform audience by creating an app for the same platform?

Well, you don’t need to create the code for the iSO app from the scrap as Xamarin saves you from that much of hard work simply by using the same code base which you used to create Android app for the iSO app as well.

Other additional benefits of Xamarin App Development is that you can make use of the Microsoft-owned products like Visual Studio and NuGet, as well as, can incorporate .NET transferrable class libraries while writing codes. It also empowers the developers to seamlessly integrate the modules to their apps right from the IDE. You can even incorporate different backends without any trouble like Azure, Salesforce, SAP, and Parse within your app. It goes without saying that Xamarineven offers the best of all possible, i.e. Native Java Code Capability and Code Reusability.

Xamarin products

Some of the most in-demand Xamarin’s product that many mobile app development companies vouch for is augmented application tools and cohesive component store makes it much simpler for the developers to effectively work. Here is the list of other products:

  • Forms
  • Xamarin Test Cloud
  • Xamarin for Visual Studio
  • Xamarin Studio
  • Mac
  • .Net Mobility Scanner
  • RoboVM

In a nutshell, Xamarin is gaining new heights of popularity due to the set of functionalities it has to offer in the mobile application development. So, are you looking forward to leveraging the benefits of Xamarin app development to stand ahead in the crowd? If so, then get started with finding out the best company with a team of qualified technical developers who have domain expertise in developing a plethora of Xamarin apps across Android, iOS, Mac and Windows platforms.

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