The Best Android Apps Of All Time

Android is an mobile operating software developed and owned by Google. It is a linux based software. Android is the most used mobile operating software across the globe. It delivers a vast and varied amount of android applications and games. In this article we are going to tell you about the best android applications of all time in various field:

Best apps we have

Best Assistant App: Google Assistant

Google assistant is a virtual assistant software developed by Google. It is an voice commanding software working on the principle of artificial intelligence. Now you just have to speak and Google Assistant will to do that particular task.

Best Keyboard App: Swiftkey

With over 250 million downloads swiftkey is the most trusted keyword application used over android platform. The application uses artificial intelligence that helps it to understand and predict the writing style of the user.

Best Video Calling App: Google Duo

Google Duo is one of the best video calling apps for Android users. The application has a simple interface. It is very easy to login and verify your number. The unique “Knock Knock” feature of the app helps you getting a live preview of the caller before you receive the call.

Best Office App: WPS Office+PDF

WPS is a free office suite application. It is enabled with All-In-One feature. The app is compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and integrates PDF. It also has a feature to connect to its cloud sharing feature where you can store and retrieve your files easily.

Best Messaging App: Whats App

Whats App is the most trending and downloaded messaging application. It is a free messaging application where user can communicate with others with the phone’s internet service. The app also provides you the feature to send Audio files, Video files, Image files and GIF’s as well. Whats app also help in sharing documents as well as Live Locations. Whats app in its latest update has also introduced the feature of stickers in order to make conversations more interactive and interesting.

Best Browsing App: Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a cross-platform browser application. The browser has features like unlimited tabs, HTML 5 support, desktop syncing, quick link buttons to favorite sites, and many more. Google chrome is convenient, fast and provides secure browsing facility.

Best Video Player App: MX Player

MX Player is the most downloaded video player app across the android platform. With over 500 million downloads MX player supports almost all kind of video and audio file formats. There are a lot of features contained in the app. Editing of subtitles, fast forwarding, volume control through gesture, zooming gesture, and also the feature of child lock is available.

Best Photo Editing App: PicsArt

PicsArt is one of the most liked photo editing software across the android platform. With over 100 millions downloads the app provides a number of features in order to customize your photo. PicsArt also has its own social network for sharing photos.

Best News App: Google News

Google news is an app known for delivering the most relevant news in the news feeds by the usage of artificial intelligence technique. It is one of the best news app which one should use in 2018.

Best File Sharing App: SHAREit

Having more than 500 million downloads SHARE it is the best file file transferring app across the android platforms. Working on the principle of WiFi and Hotspot the larger files are transferred through devices within a fraction of seconds. The feature “Group It” enables you to share the single file to a multiple user. ShareIt also provides a platform to share files between your and mobile as well.

Listed above are the best android apps of the respective categories.

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