Why Android Is More Preferred Than iOS?

In today’s world where mobile and gadgets is a part of our everyday life, the debate still continues of Who’s better? between Android VS iOS. Google and Apple both are like each other’s competitors when it comes to mobile phones. Android and iOS are two of the most popular mobile operating systems. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The article deals in why Android is a more to-go-with option for the masses than iOS. So lets start:

People use android more than iOS

Number Of Devices:

There is an ocean of devices to choose from by the people when it comes to android. iOS on the other hand operates only in the devices manufactured by Apple Inc. HTC, Google Pixel, Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo there are alot of company which manufactures gadgets based on the Android platform. There is something for everyone. There are compact phones, phones with huge touchscreen, phones with rotating camera, phones having stylus and dual front and back camera, some also have a physical keyboard. One of the most important features which android phones had since ages were Dual Sim feature. Apple has introduced this feature in its latest product, iPhone X, iPhoneXS and iPhone 8. Moreover android phones have removable battery feature and microSD slots for expanding memory.


One of the most powerful feature of Android is the level of customization it allows. Apple wants to stick to their default apps in order to maintain homogeneity in their device experience. Android thinks a bit differently, users can choose alternative keyboards, their own live wallpapers and even custom ROM installations. Android also allows the user to create their custom home screen while apple lacks in providing such options.

Affordable Prices:

Android phones often comes in a range of prices to fit into a person’s budget. As there are alot of android devices with varied specifications one can choose a device according to their budget. Apple on the other hand targets only rich class society and hence the devices prices are way more higher than android. Android phones is affordable to anyone but in order to get an iOS device you need to be well off. Affordability has been one of the key factors for the dominance of Android across the globe.

Android results better than iOS

More Free Apps And Games:

Android has a lot of free applications and games that can be installed from Google Play Store. iOS on the other hand have more number of paid applications. Unlike iOS apps, an Android app file itself is easily obtained. APKs can be installed from any location, and can be extracted from installed apps by users without rooted phones.


Yes, it’s true that iOS allows multitasking but it is not  even close to the level of multi-tasking allowed by some of the Android devices. Samsung has the feature of multi-window where you can view multiple windows at a single point of time. Many other Android device manufacturer have also been using this since ages.

Google and Apple has the same rivalry as that of Coca-Cola Vs Pepsi, KFC Vs McDonald’s, Nikon Vs Canon. They not only have competition in business but also in fangroup. Somewhere or the other Android still stands out when it comes to users. The above mentioned are the reasons why Android is more preferred by users than iOS.

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